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Student Spotlight

The philosophy department student spotlight recognizes one student each month who has shown exemplary character and worked hard towards academic achievement.


July’s student spotlight is Brandon Ascione!

Brandon is a philosophy major at BYU and has made many valuable contributions to the department during his time here. Right now, he is working as a teaching assistant for Dr. Christensen and a research assistant for Dr. Paxman. As part of Brandon’s work for Dr. Paxman, they attended a David Hume conference together in Prague. When talking about his experience at the conference, Brandon said, “I was blown away by how approachable and respectable everyone was. The professors took me seriously and it helped me learn a lot.” Brandon is planning on graduating in winter of 2024. After graduation, he is interested in getting a PhD in philosophy or going to law school, but he’s still exploring his options. Be sure to congratulate Brandon for being this month's student spotlight!

Favorite philosophy class you’ve taken? Phil 340R - David Hume with Dr. Paxman

Favorite Philosopher?: David Hume because he has some really insightful things to say about the mind and mental health that are very relevant to contemporary discourse.

Favorite quote from them?: "But methinks we have been not a little inattentive to run over so many different parts of the human mind, and examine so many passions, without taking once into the consideration that love of truth, which was the first source of all our enquiries."

Favorite spot on campus?: Dr. Haderlie’s office because it has a window with a great view.