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Philosophy Club

The BYU Philosophy Student Society aims to provide a comfortable forum to cultivate relationships between students and with faculty, to increase awareness of the major on campus, and to explore and discover philosophical works and their meaningful application to our lives as we seek to live, work, and serve within our communities.

Current President & Officers

SupervisorDr. Haderlie
PresidentTheresa Bell
Vice President
Social Media/OutreachEva Laraway
HistorianClifford Simpson
SecretaryJoshua Herrera
Podcast Producer/HostHannah Kunkel
Podcast Producer/HostCarter Steoger
Podcast Producer/HostBrendan Murphy
Club OfficerKaia Hathaway
Club OfficerSam Nate

Leadership Application

Application Form

To apply, please submit the above application along with a copy of your CV/Resume to Cindy Cromar, the Philosophy Department Office Manager,

The successful candidates will be expected to:

  • Work with a leadership team to promote and host philosophical conversations on campus, including at weekly society meetings.
  • Develop and implement plans to increase the number of students who attend society meetings.
  • Attend a weekly leadership meeting (time decided prior to the semester) in addition to attending regular society meetings and fulfilling other responsibilities.
  • Increase awareness of philosophy across campus.
  • Promote an open and safe environment for sharing ideas and opinions.

The time commitment for this position will usually be between 2 and 5 hours per week.

Among the benefits of serving on the Philosophical Society, you will:

  • Get to talk about philosophy even more.
  • Work with Dr. Haderlie, who is the Philosophical Society Advisor.
  • Occasionally get free food.
  • Get to share your love of philosophy with others.
  • And, for more mercenary reasons, get a line on your CV/Resume.