How to Start the Process

How to Start the Internship Process


Register for the internship prep class HCOLL 396R which has a prerequisite of Internship Coordinator’s consent. Take this the term BEFORE your internship.
*Please note: This is mandatory for all interns starting Fall 2019

To receive credit for your internship you are required to take PHIL 399R the semester of your internship.
*Please note: Some internships have additional requirements

If you are trying to register for one of these classes and are having a problem, please contact registration at 801-422-4104.


Explore Internship Opportunities

Explore on campus internships, international internships and other internships:

Find My Internship


Speak with a Career Advisor:

Speak with the Philosophy Internship Coordinator:



Get help before submitting your application:

Danny Damron

College of Humanities

Manager, Experiential Education & Professional Development


Sam Prestwich

Liberal Arts Advisement & Careers


Apply for funding:

Apply for International Internships through the Kennedy Center

Domestic Internships apply through IRAMS

Other Resources

General internship process information