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How to Find my Internship

There are many different ways to find an internship that will enrich your undergraduate experience. Whether you find an internship on your own or participate in an long established internship, all internships must meet certain requirements. Before exploring internships, please review the Internship Requirements.

Begin Exploring Internships

Domestic Internships

Below are resources you can use to find a great internship here in the states. Some of these resources are found here on campus, others are national organizations that offer internship opportunities. These are not the only resources for finding an internship, as many students find their own internship through other resources, but these are a good starting point.

The Ballard Center

  • Ballard Center internships allow students to put their social innovation skills into practice while gaining real-world experience. The Ballard Center connects students with internship opportunities at the most socially innovative organizations. We offer on-campus (Social Innovation Projects and Corporate Social Impact Projects) and off-campus opportunities.

On Campus Internships

  • BYU Offers many great internship opportunities right on campus.


  • Provides a unique, on-campus opportunity for students to build high-demand professional skills as they gain relevant experience in one of the fastest-growing global industries. In addition to providing a platform for students to strengthen their resume, HCOLL 494R focuses on helping students develop the learning patterns they will need to build a personally meaningful life and career.
    For more information please contact Doug Porter at:

Washington Seminar

  • A great way to build professional competencies in Washington DC.