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David Jensen

Emerging medical technology makes increasingly likely the possibility of “designer babies:” children with traits that parents can select or modify prenatally.
Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy.
I argue that meaningful viability is a more warranted demarcation, and thus, late-term abortion, as defined, is morally impermissible.
Journal of Medical Ethics. 2015. 41: 460-463.
I argue that representing the agent's participation by means of second-order states is bound to fail because it misrepresents what an agent is doing when acting in the full-blooded sense. Philosophical Psychology. 2013. 26.1: 67-88
For Kant, the primary problem is not whether moral judgments can motivate a rational agent but whether there are any genuine moral principles underlying our moral judgments in the first place.
Journal of Value Inquiry. 2012. 46.1: 83-96.
One cannot sidestep the question of moral status as an independent question to be settled in order to make a rational decision about aborting an early fetus.
Ethics & Medicine: An International Journal of Bioethics. Fall2011, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p155-163. 9p.
I argue, from a broadly Kantian point of view, that at least one kind of such modification—modification by a parent for the sake of a child's comparative advantage—is not rationally justified. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2011. 37: 479482.
I argue that the same or similar factors that make birth morally significant with regard to abortion make meaningful viability morally significant due to the relatively arbitrary time of birth.Journal of Medical Ethics. 2008. 34: 619623
one who accepts a strong view against abortion is committed to the moral impermissibility of killing human embryos for the sake of stem cell research.
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. 2008. 29.1: 2741.