Philosophy Club

The BYU Philosophy Club aims to provide a comfortable forum to cultivate relationships between students and with faculty, to increase awareness of the major on campus, and to explore and discover philosophical works and their meaningful application to our lives as we seek to live, work, and serve within our communities.


No meetings until further notice due to Covid19!

Past Discussions in 4082 JFSB at 4 pm

Jan. 15th: The Ideal Society

Jan. 22nd: What is Gender

Jan. 29th: Alteration or Mutilation

Feb. 5th: Bitter, Sour, or Sweet? Exploring Eastern Philosophies

Feb. 12th: What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Feb. 19th: “Reason Is, and Ought to Be the Slave of the Passions”

Feb. 26th: The Stoics

March 4th: Fight the Power

March 11th: Free Will or Determinism



Current President & Officers

• The Right Honourable, The Lord Mayor TBA President of the BYU Philosophy Society

• TBA President of the Club

Ben Terry, our esteemed VP

Jonathan Pulsipher, our talented Communications Chair

Madelyn Taylor, our amazing new Discourse Supervisor

Chase Dahl, our promising new Outreach Coordinator

Kiel Nicholas, one of our indispensable General Purpose Officer

• TBA, our brilliant Academic Liason

Jacob Spencer, our erudite Historian

Garrett Maxwell, another one of our valiant new General Purpose officers!

Jacob Esplin, Food and Treats Coordinator