Fall 2018 Course Descriptions

Phil 110 (Intro to Philosophy)

Phil 200 (Philosophy ePortfolio Training)

Phil 201/202 (History of Philosophical Texts and Figures)

Phil 205 (Introduction to Logic)

Phil 210 (Science and Civilization)

Phil 213 (Introduction to Ethics)

Phil 214 (Introduction to Philosophy of Art)

Phil 215 (Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion)

Phil 300 (Advanced Writing)

Phil 305 (Intermediate Logic)

New! Phil 313R (History of Ethics)

Phil 320R (Ancient Philosophy—Aristotle)

Phil 340R (Women in Philosophy)

Phil 350R (Contemporary Philosophy—Agency Theory)

Phil 360R (Chinese Philosophy)

New! Phil 399R (Internship Credit)

Phil 413R (Topics in Advanced Ethics—Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Relativism)

Phil 415 (Philosophy of Religion)

Phil 416 (Philosophy of Law)

Phil 423 (Philosophy of Science)

Phil 424 (Philosophy of Mind)

Phil 449R (1-credit Philosophy Lecture Series, TH at 11:00 AM)

Phil 490 (Senior Seminar)